Page 9 - Illustrated Reditch History
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The Romans Roads

                                                                                          Iknield Street
                                                                                        ran through what
                                                                                          is now Church

           Not many people know that the remains of a Roman Road goes through Church
           Hill. It runs from Moons Moat First School and past the church near the YMCA,
           where it becomes a footpath. Then it goes north to join the Icknield Street Road.
           From Roman times, this was a main road. Heavy wagons, pulled by oxen travelled
           along here, while horses or mules carried vegetables, bricks, meat, wines, anything
           they needed and above all, salt from Droitwich. Sometimes Roman soldiers could
           be seen, marching north from their fort at Alcester.

                                                                                          Iknield Street

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